Community Powered Revitalization

CPR (Community Powered Revitalization)

The Community Powered Revitalization (CPR) Program was created to help pair volunteers with home owners from the City of Everman who are unable to complete necessary repairs to their homes because of difficulties or circumstances beyond their control. Repairs are generally exterior – replacing rotted wood, painting, fencing, yard
clean-up, etc.

To see if you are eligible please click on the link and review the information that is in the packet.

2 thoughts on “Community Powered Revitalization

  1. Stepheny Palmer Reply

    Oh my goodness. Thank you Jesus! For He has answered my prayers for my mothers home. A volunteer team is exactly what I had asked cities code enforcement Ms. Donna several times. Thank you Ms. Donna!!! I will be sure and tell all the neighbors . They was so kind to us when my widowed disabled 80 year old mother’s home burnt. The support of clothes, diapers and other baby items for my brand new grandson brought home just 3 days before my familys nightmare began. It has been a little over 5 months since the fire. I have asked for assistance with Everman and always had no good news on help. I will say I am going to be down first thing to fill out my mother’s paperwork. Contrary of supervisor Jeffs statement (code enforcement) the day I put in a work order to have the water meter removed. He was wrong. He told me I don’t need to worry about what Everman was doing with the meters. He told me that sounds like I need to put my mother in a nursing home! My mother has been tore up crying and upset. I have prayed for an answer. So again thanks for the support I just know you will give my family in helping so we can make it through this hard time.

  2. Mozelle Edwards Reply

    I have lived in Everman for 43 yrs and know you can’t help me with my plumbing, and foundation problems, but one thing I have always wanted to get done and can’t is to put up one side of my house fencing which is a street corner home. There is fence on two sides west side and back, but would love to have it enclosed in back with one gate. I don’t know if I can get help with this or not but would like to find out. I really don’t don’t know anything about the program but would like to find out. I got a call from someone on phone today that called me to help with roof or other things, so thought I would send this for info.

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