Announcement: Water Meter Reading System Project

City of Everman
January 13, 2017
Announcement: Water Meter Reading System Project
The City Council of Everman has approved a project to overhaul the water meter system for the
city.  This project will involve the replacement of all water meters and the implementation of a
radio‐read meter‐reading system.    The new system will insure a more accurate measure of
water usage and provide a more efficient capture of that usage for billing purposes.
Representatives from GEXA, Nextera, and RTS will be assisting the City with the installation of
the new meters over the next four to six months.  These representatives will be wearing shirts
with logos indicating the company where they are employed.   Feel free to inquire if you see
someone opening your meter box, but please do not deter their progress; they have a lot of
work to do.
The City has many old meters in the ground.  These meters lose accuracy over time.  For those
of you who have older meters, you may experience an increase in your monthly consumption.
Many of you have benefitted by the inability of these old meters to capture all water
consumption.  The new meters are highly accurate devices that are guaranteed to perform at a
high standard for 20 years.
The benefits of the new system include timely readings from month to month; all reads can be
completed in a single day.  The new meters also have limited leak detection capability that will
allow the City to alert residents when they may need to call a plumber.    The new system
provides the City with better tools to manage the water supply that is critical to all of us.
If you have any questions you may call me at City Hall.
Michael Gunderson
Finance Director

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