Everman Community and Economic Development Corporation


  • Assessed value from real and business personal property (bpp) for impact analysis
  • Industrial, commercial, and professional employment based on Full Time Employment (FTE) salary averages with full benefits
  • Minimum assessed project value of $1,000,000
  • Tax base enhancement is our primary goal and job creation is our secondary goal

Cash Grant per Project:

  • Minimum number of new FTE jobs with benefits – 10 FTE @ 2080 hours per year per FTE
  • Minimum Annual Payroll of $300,000 ($30,000 annual average salary per FTE)
  • Incentive payments will begin after a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the City of Everman

Assessed Valuation:

  • A new business locating to Everman must create an increase in assessed valuation of $1,000,000
  • An existing business that has operated a minimum of 2.5 years in Everman must create an increase in assessed valuation of only $250,000; as well as create a minimum of 2.5 new FTE’s with an annual payroll increase of $150,000
  • New or existing businesses must be located in the City of Everman city limits

Application Procedures and Requirements:

  • Businesses and developers must submit a letter stating the impact on the project without Everman CEDC funding
  • History of company, operations and formal business plan must be submitted
  • Management and ownership qualifications must be provided
  • Two (2) years of the most recent financial statements must be provided
  • Projections on operations to include, but not limited to capital investment (assessed value); employment, wages, annual payrolls, and sales taxes generated must be provided
  • A Performance Contract shall be required
  • Applications are submitted to the Everman CEDC Board for final resolution


If the project fails to meet its Performance Requirements as defined in the Performance Contract, then some or all of the incentives granted must be paid back.