Severe Weather Management

Alarming News

The City of Fort Worth, Division of Emergency Management, has a policy to set off their emergency sirens in the event of high wind and large hail. The City of Everman reserves the use of their system for tornado warnings and other pending disasters. This policy is currently under review and may very well follow suit with Fort Worth’s policy. If Fort Worth sets off one siren, they all go off. With the recent installation of emergency sirens to the North, South and West of Everman by the City of Fort Worth, many residents in Everman will hear them
and think it means there is a tornado coming. This is confusing, but unavoidable. The City of Everman warning system emits a high pitched, continuous tone, while the City of Fort Worth utilizes the more traditional siren tone. Always remember… these systems are designed to
notify persons outside that there is an approaching matter that would require them to seek
shelter immediately. There isn’t a guarantee that persons inside a house, business or vehicle will hear the siren. The City of Everman has 100% coverage on its system and can be heard from anywhere within the city, outside. The system is tested every Wednesday utilizing a “silent growl.” This test is silent, so residents will never even notice that the test is being done. From time to time, on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm, weather permitting, we will perform a full 3 minute sound of the system. If you have any other questions, please contact Chief Sanders at the Police Station.

Severe Weather Break-down

Severe Weather Watch

Issued when weather conditions are favorable for the formation of severe weather. At this time, monitor the changing conditions and prepare to take protective action.

Severe Weather Warning

Issued when severe weather has been identified. Take protective action immediately. More specifically, when watches and warnings relate to the possibility of a tornado, the situation varies slightly. Tornadoes are the most unpredictable of all weather events. They form and move quickly and erratically. During tornadoes, actions taken are crucial.

Tornado Watch

Weather conditions are favorable for the formation of a tornado. If you are
in a car or mobile home, find a stronger building that can provide shelter.
If you are outdoors, go inside.

Tornado Warning

Issued when a tornado has been spotted or indicated by radar. Take shelter in
an interior room on the lowest level of the building you are in. If you are unable
to make it to a building, lie flat with your arms over your head in a ditch or low-lying
area. Do not use your car to try to outrun a tornado.

Forecast Information Sources

Local Media

Local radio and television stations are excellent sources of information for severe
weather updates and other emergencies.

Weather Alert Radios

The National Weather Service tracks weather and broadcasts information 24 hours
a day, seven days a week. Weather alert radios are available at many electronic stores
and several other retail merchants.

Emergency Siren System

The City of Everman’s sirens may be activated for any kind of emergency. Remember that an outdoor siren system may not be heard inside or
in a noisy area. If you hear an outdoor siren system being activated, seek shelter immediately and seek media coverage for further information.

During severe weather season, always be aware of the rapidly changing weather situations.