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Everman Public Library

100 N. Race St. 

Everman, Texas 76140

(817) 551-0726


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Thursday  10am – 4pm

Fridays 12pm – 4pm

Saturdays 10am – 2pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays

Welcome to Everman Public Library,

The Director’s Corner

To say that this year has not been challenging would be an understatement. The library has also experienced transformations as well. With you help, we can make the library into something special, that addresses the needs of our community; a place that is inviting to visit and offers the materials and services you want and expect the library to deliver.

Billy D Manus II, Library Director




This is for current members who already have Everman Public Library Accounts. We cannot set up an account over the telephone.  Because of social distancing rules, their will be no contact.  If you are outside of your vehicle to pick up an order, we ask that you wear a face covering.


6 – books or audio books

2 – DVD or Blu-Ray Movies per family.


Step 1: When you call the library, we will verify that you are a member first, we will ask for your birth date for account verification.

Step 2: Placing your order. If you wish for a specific author or book, we can check to see if we have that item or similar items.

Step 3: We will call you back within 2 hours and schedule a time for you to come and pick up your order.

Step 4: Picking up. A staff member will place the bagged items in your trunk or place them on the ground when you arrive to collect them. Materials not collected will be re-shelved after 2 days.

Available During Normal Business Hours Only


Join us on YouTube as we open your child to a world of imagination.

Enjoy fables, poems and other short stories that will build your child’s comprehension skills and vocabulary.

Story Time at the Everman Public Library is available 24/7 via our YouTube Channel

On YouTube Search “Everman Public Library”


Black and White Copies and Prints Only. We cannot print labels, stickers or on transparencies. We reserve the right to make changes to all prices and services at anytime without notice.

A. Printer

A printer is available. Prints will cost $0.10 per sheet or $0.05 per page if a patron brings their own paper, and must be paid for at the conclusion of the session. Patrons must pay for all pages printed, or use print preview to limit and pick which pages to print.

B. Copier

A photocopy machine is available to patrons who wish to copy materials. Only the library staff may use the copy machine to assist the patrons, at the rate of:

  • Letter (8.5×11 inches) – $0.10
  • Double Sided Letter (8.5×11 inches) – $0.15
  • Legal (8.5×14 inches) – $0.15
  • Double Sided Legal (8.5×14 inches) – $0.20
  • **If you bring your own paper – $0.05 one side / $0.10 two sides

NOTICE: Library staff (copy machine users) are advised that there are restrictions on copyrighted materials. Any violation of copyright is the responsibility of the copy machine user.

C. Refusal of Service

Everman Public Library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is using our services to alter, change, modify, passing or possessing of document(s) for an unlawful purpose. Falsifying documents is a criminal offense. (8 U.S. Code § 1324c) https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1324c

D. Faxing

Library staff will fax on behalf of the patrons. The cost to fax is as follows:

  • $0.10 per page (plus)
  • Cover sheet – $0.10 page
  • Confirmation page – $0.10 page

E. Scanning Services

Library staff has the ability of scanning documents and sending them to any email, including your own:

  • $0.10 per page

F. Envelopes

  • #10 Business – $0.10
  • 9”x12” Legal – $0.25

G. Overdue Fines

  • Books & Audio books – $0.15 per day
  • DVD/Blu-Ray – $1.75 per day

H. Lost or Destroyed Materials

  • Cost of item and processing fee


Non-resident fees have been implemented for the checking out of materials from the Everman Public Library. Library cards will be issued for all accounts. For patrons with Annual membership, your library accounts will have to be renew yearly using the rates below. You will receive an email (2) month before your renewal is due.

Zone 1 Membership: (Residents inside Everman City Limits)

  • $0.00 (free)

Zone 2 Memberships: (within the Everman ISD Boundary Area, excluding the Forest Hill City Limits)

  • Senior Citizen (65+) – $5.00/Annually
  • Single User – $10.00/Annually
  • Families (Multiple Users) $20.00/Annually

Zone 3 Memberships: (including Forest Hill)

  • Senior Citizen (65+) – $10.00/Annually
  • Single User – $20.00/Annually
  • Families (Multiple Users) $40.00/Annually

Identity and Proof of Residency Required:

To receive a library account, visit the library with a government or school issued ID card

  • State drivers license

  • State ID card

  • School issued photo ID card

  • Consular ID card

  • Passport

We will also need proof of residency:

    • Voter’s registration card (current)

    • Utility bill (current)

    • Rental agreement (current)

    • vehicle insurance (current)

    • Online bill (current)

    • Current piece of mail with a physical address (within the last 30 days). Mail must be type written or computer generated.


You may call us up to 2 times to renew your items by telephone.  Every renewal adds 2 additional weeks to your due date.

Just call the Circulation Desk at (817) 551-0726.



Selection of and access to electronic resources are integral to fulfilling the mission and objectives of the Everman Public Library.  All materials and information found via the internet is not a part of the libraries collection.

Audio Books

  • www.LibriVox.org – Is the perfect site for downloading free audio books. Offers thousands of selections for free.


  • www.Free-Ebooks.net (English) or https://www.free-ebooks.net/espanol (Spanish) – Provides 5 free ebooks per month with signup. They also have an app for downloading selections to your mobile devices. The ReadEra app allows you to read these ebooks without ads.
  • www.ProjectGutenburg.org – Provides an excellent source of getting free classic ebooks for free.


  • www.Wikipedia.org – Updated often, Wikipedia is an excellent encyclopedia source.

Learning a Language

  • www.Duolingo.com – Free courses to learn a new language.
  • www.BananaEnglish.com – Offers “Resources for teaching and learning English, ESL, ESOL, and EFL”

Other Free Collections

  • Internet Archive – www.Archive.org – “Is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.”
  • www.OpenCulture.org – The best of everything on the internet that is free from books, movies, courses and more.

Free Books Offers for Children

  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library – https://imaginationlibrary.com/ – Free books every month from birth to age 5, when you enroll your children in the program.