City of Everman Library

100 N. Race St.
Everman, TX, 76140

Library Technology

The library’s affiliation with NTRLS has again proven invaluable. Mid-March of this year, NTRLS “loaned” us their Information Technology Specialist, Adam Beatty, who installed a new software program called DEEP FREEZE, courtesy of the Friends. This program protects our server by wiping out all data entered or imported on the patron computers each and every time we log those computers off of the internet. This prevents virus contamination by malicious or unknown sources. Another advantage of using this software is that it allows patrons to download almost anything they wish (except porn, of course) without having to ask us to use our employee computers to do so. Already, this program is saving the library staff much time and gives the Director some peace of mind. Thank you, Friends!

We would like to thank all the 2005 financial donors. Every dollar we receive goes to the betterment of the library. We ask for your continued support. Thank you everyone!

The following article was written about our library by Adam Beatty and is in the NTRLS
website in the “blog” feature!

“Everman Public Library. Ann Kenrick, director of this nice library , and I had a wonderful discussion concerning their technology plan. It was a nice visit for me because on my third
day on the job in 2002, I helped this library write a Tocker grant to acquire computers for
their library. I found out on my visit that they have seen a 300% increase in library visits
since the computers were installed. Of course, with success come new obstacles. They
spend so much time monitoring the computers that they have little time for anything else.
I recommended that they attempt to get funding to purchase a PC Reservations/Print Management package. I also advised them to apply for a Tocker Grant to get some
additional computers. Like all the libraries I have visited recently, they were also very interested in installing wireless. Note: For those who don’t know, the Tocker Foundation
is a great organization here in Texas that supports small libraries, serving populations of 12,000 or less, with grant money. They are a godsend for these smaller libraries. Kudos
to the Tocker Foundation for all the wonderful opportunities they make possible.”

The Computer Literacy Press Release

Thanks to the efforts of Dan Cowan of the Computer Literacy Project, two new computer literacy courses have been donated to the Everman Public Library by Alcon !

The first course is designed for people learning computers with the new Windows XP operating system. Patrons will learn Computer Basics, Internet Basics, and introductory
files and folders techniques.

The second course is designed for people learning word processing with Microsoft Word. Patrons will learn Word Processing Basics, Creating Flyers & Brochures and Small Office
Word Processing Techniques.

Someone with little or no computer skills can learn the computer in a very short time with these videotapes. No classes are required. And virtually NO assistance from an instructor
is necessary because the most important computer skills are thoroughly explained on the videotapes.

These new computer courses supplement the Everman Public Library existing computer resources, which include five (5) internet and public access computers.

These tapes will presently be used by the library for the computer classes that are now being conducted. The general public will have access to these learning tapes at a later date.

About the Library Program Developed by the Computer Literacy Project:

The Computer Literacy Project has developed a comprehensive course of computer instructional material that can be used by public libraries to supplement or replace other
forms of computer training. The topics covered by this material focus on popular and
important areas of computer usage such as general operating skills, the Internet, office productivity and bookkeeping. CLP was founded in 1997. Based in Amarillo, Texas, CLP instructors have taught thousands of computer students in widely acclaimed seminars
in over 500 cites and towns throughout 24 states.