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  In November 2019, Everman City Council passed an ordinance regarding trees over the roadway and alleys. For more information, or if you have received a notice from Code Enforcement regarding your tree, please see our TREE TRIMMING GUIDE (Click Here)!


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Disaster Declaration 2020


Citizens of Everman,

May 18, 2020: Announcement from the City Manager:

     We have just experienced an unprecedented event that has changed everyone’s perspective on safety and security in our daily lives.  We have, I hope, learned much about our individual obligations to each other and about our minimal control over unimagined invasions into our private lives.  There is nothing scarier than an invisible enemy that attacks without much warning.  Being aware of the dangers and promoting the safety of everyone is important and we should each do our part.  We should never forget the lessons we have learned and the ones we are still learning; however, we cannot surrender our American liberties in the face of this threat.  It is time for the City of Everman to get back to the business of living productive lives.

     Some of the procedures for operating the City’s affairs will change, as I suspect some of your personal behaviors may be modified by you to protect your family, friends and acquaintances.  The City will not be dictating that you wear masks in public.  We will not implement draconian restrictions on which businesses can operate, what distances are to be maintained, or who can visit who.  You are adults and you should use your common sense, and you should respect the rights of others.  The City cannot over-ride measures taken at the County and State level that we may see as an over-reach of authority, but we can urge these entities to remove any regulations that impede our citizens in the exercise of their unalienable rights; and we will.

     We have, for the time-being, changed the rules for the number of people that can be in the City Hall lobby at any given time.  We have also established a drive-through window for Water bill payments and we urge people to use this facility.  We are discouraging Cash payments and asking payment via check, money order or credit card, but this is a request only; Cash payments are still being accepted  These measures are just a few of the changes we are putting in place to help reduce the spread of any virus that may persist.  Your understanding and cooperation will go a long way toward getting our City back to the Normal that we enjoyed before this unprecedented event.

Michael Gunderson

City Manager



Budget Letter:

Your City Council has adopted the City Budget for the fiscal year 2020.  A link to that Budget can be found on the Finance Page of this website.  Along with that Budget the Council has adopted a lower Property Tax Rate.  The details of this Tax Rate are presented below:  

This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year’s budget by an amount of $142,355, which is a 6.93 percent increase from last year’s budget.  The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $8,917.

                                      2019-2020                  2018-2019

Property Tax Rate:   $1.085713/100   $1.113943/100

Effective Tax Rate:   $0.993940/100   $1.139850/100

Effective M&O Rate:$0.928233/100   $0.941182/100

Rollback Tax Rate:   $1.085713/100   $1.113943/100

Debt Rate:                  $0.083222/100   $0.097467/100

Total debt obligation for Everman secured by property taxes: $1,890,000

The City Council and City Administration understand that property appraisals are rising in North Texas and we are continuing to decrease the Property Tax Rate to ease the tax burden on residents.  The City also has the responsibility to maintain its infrastructure and to continue to improve the quality of life for its citizens.  Replacement of water lines, pump stations, and other related water system infrastructure is a high priority.  Improving our streets and parks is essential to our quality of life.  Please understand that we work for you and your interests.  We are always open to constructive suggestions from our citizens.


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