Maintaining the quality of life in our community is one of Code Enforcement’s main goals.  First impressions are very important and maintaining your property will improve its appeal and uphold its value.  Keeping the city clean, its housing habitable, and making neighborhoods safe and livable are part of our mission.  Our priorities are:

 · Investigating citizen complaints
· Working with property owners to gain compliance
· Informing residents on code issues and city policy
· Conducting routine inspections

One way this can be accomplished is by setting trash out no earlier than 6 pm the day before regular scheduled pickup.  These days are Tuesday and Friday.  There is a 2 cubic yard limit.  You may also take trash and such to C & D Landfill, located at 4144 Dick Price Rd. in Kennedale.  You are limited to four trips to the landfill per year and must provide proof of Everman residency.

Another way to keep our city looking sharp is to keep all vehicles parked in their respective driveway or garage, not on landscaped areas.  Inoperable or wrecked vehicles are not permitted and must be removed from public view.  Landscaping is a very important part of our community preservation.  Please take care to bag all your grass clippings and cut tree limbs into 4 ft. lengths and twine them together into easy to handle bundles.  Also, please note that any items set out for pickup should NOT be set on top of the water meter box!  Structures or dwellings should be free of peeling paint, broken windows, junk and debris, including auto parts, appliances, and discarded furniture.

I know that together we can make a difference!  Let’s show some pride in our fine city!

I really appreciate those of you who take the time to call or come in to City Hall to inquire about getting a permit for a project.  Here are some quick references about certain projects that may save you some time:

Storage Buildings:  We don’t require a permit if the building is 120 sq. ft. or less.  A shed cannot be over 240 sq. ft.  Setbacks need to be 5 ft. off the back (unless there is a utility easement, then it’s 15 ft.), 5 ft. from each side and 10 ft. from house.

Fence: You do need a permit for a new fence, but no permit is required for fence repair.

Room Additions and Garage Conversions:  Please bring in two drawings with all dimensions and location of electrical outlets, windows, doors, etc.

Carports:  $86 permit fee.  Please provide drawing with dimensions and setbacks.  Carport must sit 10 ft. from curb and must be 10 ft. from any other access building.

Keep in mind you MUST obtain a permit for replacing a water heater.

One more note on above the ground swimming pools:  It is very dangerous to have overhead power lines less than 10 ft. away from your pool.  If you are installing a new above ground pool, please place it in an area free of low power lines.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Donna Strickland, Code Compliance