City of Everman Finance Department

The financial reports listed on this page are updated by the Finance Director to provide the latest information to the citizens of Everman regarding the financial status of the City.  Monthly reports are updated within the first week following the close of a month.  Annual reports are posted following their approval by your City Council.

Susanne Helgesen
Finance Director


This link provides a graphical presentation of the Revenues and Expenditures for the City for the last several years.  The data is updated monthly for the current YTD information.  This data is usually updated by the second work day after month-end.  In addition, it displays the Budget for the current fiscal year in the same format.  The display is flexible in that it allows you to change the filters on the graphs to look at specific Departments or Specific Expense and Revenue categories.  There is a list of pre-programmed views on the left side of the page that may be a good place to start.

It also shows the payments made to the City’s vendors over several years.  You may alter the filters to look at greater detail for a given vendor.

There are several graphical display options; pie chart, bar chart, line chart, etc.  Play with it any way you choose; you cannot damage the application.  If you get confused after changing filters and/or views just hit the RESET button at the top and it will take you back to the original settings.

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Financial Update

APR 2023:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

MAR 2023:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

FEB 2023:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

JAN 2023:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

DEC 2022:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

NOV 2022:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

OCT 2022:      Cash Position   Revenues   Expenditures

Financial History