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Ray Richardson

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Michael Nicoletti

Dear Everman Business Owner:

The Economic Development Corporation of Everman would like to notify you of a new and exciting program being offered to all business owners in Everman. In cooperation with the City of Everman City Council, the Business Improvement Grant (BIG), has been established to provide matching grants to businesses in Everman for the improvement of their businesses.

The City of Everman is committed to assisting businesses to improve the look of their businesses to attract more/new customers. The City authorized the Business Improvement Grant (BIG), a partnership grant program for building and grounds improvement. The BIG program offers reimbursement for eligible improvements to businesses enrolled in the program. Under the program, owners of property or owners of businesses located within the designated target areas are eligible to apply for grant funds equal to 50 percent of the cost of improving their storefronts, buildings facades, or grounds.

After approval in the program, property or business owners can receive matching funds equal to 50 percent of the project cost, up to a total City of Everman contribution of $10,000.

Any business within the City limits of Everman is eligible for the BIG program. An eligible applicant may be the owner of a building or an owner of a business in a building in the City of Everman. A business owner who is a tenant in a building for which BIG funds are sought must provide written consent from the building owner for all proposed improvements.

The BIG is intended to fund improvements ranging from sign compliance and landscape enhancements to complete façade restorations. This grant is designed to assist our Business Owners with the opportunity to make improvements to increase business traffic and/or sales.

* Eligible improvements include (subject to Legislative approval):

* Upgrading non-conforming signage to code compliance

* Landscaping

* Exterior Lighting

* Parking Area Improvements

* Storefront Façade Enhancement

* ADA Handicap Accessibility—ramps, doors, etc.

* The Board has the discretion to consider any/all other enhancement projects and is not subject to automatic approval. All projects are subject to Legislative approval with the consideration focusing on permanent structural enhancements.

Applications are available now. For more information, or to request an application packet, please contact Michael Nicoletti at (817) 293-0525 or by email at mnicoletti@evermantx.net.


Everman Economic Development Corporation