City of Everman Library

100 N. Race St.
Everman, Texas, 76140

Frequently Asked Question

How do I get an Everman Library Card?

If you live within a two mile radius of the city limits of Everman (including Forest Hill), if you work for the City of Everman, or are employed by Everman ISD or attend Everman ISD, you are eligible for a library card! Just bring any form of identification, water bill, or something with your current name and address!

How do I get a book not currently on the shelves?

If you have an Everman Public Library Card in good standing, owe NO fines or have overdue items, we can order books for you through INTERLIBRARY LOAN.

You pay only the postage! Also, there’s a new program called LOAN STAR TEX SHARE. If you are in good standing with us, your parent library, we will give you a TEX SHARE CARD, which will allow you to borrow books from ANY library in the state of Texas that belongs to the Tex Share Program. Yeeeeeee ha!


Everman Public Library is a member of TexShare, which allows our library to offer services that expand the library resources available to you, our patrons.

The Library of Texas is a web-based service available at Libraryof With over 100 Texas library online catalogs and over 40 online databases, Texas librarians find the service very useful. Patrons must obtain a password at the local library. This service may also be accessed from home computers without this password.

Many search results from TexShare research databases will include the original article. Searching the Library of Texas gets results that do not contain broken links and saves time by finding exactly what is needed. For materials that are not immediately available online or at the Everman Library, customers can submit an interlibrary loan request. Search results also include links to online bookstores where the materials can be purchased.

Visit the Library of Texas at Users do not need a login ID or password to search library catalogs. To make full use of the Library of Texas, including access to the TexShare databases and interlibrary loan services, login to the service with a TexShare login ID and password available from the Everman Public Library. To learn more about the Library of Texas, visit the Everman Library website at or call the library at 817-551-0726.