Welcome to the City of Everman Municipal Court

Municipal Court Judge: Bill Lane
Municipal Court Clerk: Edna Martinez (emartinez@evermantx.net)

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Location and Mailing Address:
Everman City Hall
212 N. Race St.
Everman, Texas, 76140
Phone Number: 817- 293- 0588
Fax Number: 817- 551- 9495

Juvenile Information

The Everman Municipal Court has jurisdiction over juveniles (16 years or younger) charged
with Class C misdemeanor offenses. All juveniles are required to appear in open court with
their parent or legal guardian for all proceedings in their cases. Juveniles who fail to appear
in court may have an additional charge of “Failure to Appear” of “Violation of Promise to Appear” filed against them. Juveniles who fail to appear or who fail to pay their fine(s) will be reported to the Department of Public Safety, who will suspend their driver’s license. If they do not have a driver’s license, they will not be able to obtain one until they appear in court and/or pay their fine. Be aware that driving with a suspended license is a Class B misdemeanor with carries a range of punishment from a fine up to $2000. or incarceration in jail up to 180 days or both. After a Class C misdemeanor is filed with the Municipal Court for a juvenile, the court automatically schedules the juvenile to appear before the judge. A court notice is mailed to the defendant’s home, addressed to their parent or legal guardian (if the information is attainable).