The Everman Police Department Patrol Division is comprised of 8 Full Time Officers and 3 Reserve Officers. This division is under the command of the Patrol Sergeant and the Patrol Corporal. Our Patrol Division is responsible for traffic enforcement, response to calls for service, disturbances, preliminary investigations of criminal offenses, public education and more. The Patrol Division is the beating heart of our Police Department.

K9 Unit

The Everman Police Department is proud of our K9 Division. Our K9 Division is comprised of two K9 Teams under the supervision and direction of Corporal James Thompson and his partner “Niko”. Our second K9 team is Officer Robert Patton and his partner “Kenia”. Both K9’s are German Shepherds and are trained in the detection of narcotics. Our K9 teams have contributed to the seizure and arrest of multiple subjects suspected of illegal narcotic possession and sales.



In early 2017, the Everman Police Department implemented a new tool in our fight against crime. This drone has proven to be a great asset in making the jobs for our emergency service personnel safer. Our goal is to utilize this drone in actions to protect life and property. The drone will also be utilized for city and economic development purposes. This project was completed only with the support of local business partners who provided the funding. We are forever grateful for their support and the support of the City of Everman. To date, the Everman Drone Unit has been a crucial contribution to the capture of multiple fleeing criminals as well as to the safety and well being of first responders during emergency incidents. Our Drone Unit has been dispatched to such emergencies as the Canton Tornados and Hurricane Harvey to assist with search and rescue efforts.