Everman Memorial Park Brick Fundraiser


Please fill out the above brochure and bring to the Everman City Hall to order your brick!

Everman Memorial Park honors ALL Military Veterans and First Responders, (active or non-active). Bricks (8″x8″, Tan in color) may be purchased for anyone serving in any branch of the Military or from any First Responder agency. Logos may be chosen for the bricks from an assortment of logos online at http://www.evermantx.us/brick-logos/

You can submit high resolution logos of your choice to mnicoletti@evermantx.net All request for bricks will be reviewed and payment must be made prior to the bricks being submitted for engraving. Our Memorial Park has over 2,000 feet of available space for engraved bricks. The City will place the bricks in these available spaces; no personal requests for placement will be allowed.